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Badass Team

ARK is not for the passive – to do your part in this organization you must harness a clear vision of what it is that fuels you; and act on what sparks joy for you. No one is contributing out of sacrifice or charity. ARK demands that WE ALL win, and so we do. It’s a model based on a circle, not a straight line. Dreams come true for everyone who takes part. And this is how we change the world.

Sarah Barrett
Sustainability Board Member

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Helen Yu.jpeg

Anne Ongga
Impact Analyst


Philippe Cayrol
Innovation Board Member

I cherish the idea that anything is possible and hope to inspire others to believe that they too can reach the top, thanks to their hard work and to ARK!


Sustainability Board

Insight Board

Future Makers


Sarah Gambito

Writer, Creative Writing Director,

Fordham University

Let's get sh*t done
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