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Secure food from families' backyards

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Feed Back is a vegetable exchange 
for the entire community
. The program invites families to farm in their backyards and exchange their excess harvest with their neighbors.


How does it work?

Belinda, 65

Turda's Super-lola (grandma)

Feed Back Manager


They partner and commit funds to solve hunger, guarantee food security and put families on a self sustaining path.

Village leaders commit


Community leaders go door-to-door, invite families, and distribute seeds.

They unite and get buy-in


They convert their backyards into gardens and grow vegetables for 4 weeks.

Families plant


On the 5th week, leaders launch

the vegetable exchange in an open air, central area in each neighborhood.

Exchange starts

Veg Exchange2.png
What happens during the exchange?

The exchange takes place once a week for at least 8 weeks.

Give & Take

Families bring at least 3 kinds of vegetables & take home their fair share of over 20 kinds.

Values contribution

& creates fun

For every $1 worth of vegetables, families get 1 raffle ticket & a chance to win a fun prize.

Vegetables are pooled then divided fairly among Feed Back families.

Through Feed Back's 16-week time frame, ARK guides and supports community leaders and program managers to set goals, create operational plans, solve structural issues, and track impact.

Families solve hunger in 5 weeks

Families source food in their backyards.

Farmers have diverse crops.

Fisherfolk can now farm.

Families produce excess and gain new sustainable income

They sell excess to nearby villages and towns.


Feed Back creates

food security and self-reliance

No need to import food from afar.

Feed Back unites the community

Brings joy.

Engages the youth.

Fuels mothers to become entrepreneurs.

Inspires the families to invest in each other.

Feed Back Map 2023_edited.png

To date, we are securing 11,150 families & transforming 46,661 lives

Feed Back is in 7 provinces in the Philippines, 34 communities graduated, 26 implementing

As of Mar 1, 2023 (3:15pm PHT)


Champion a community. It's 50/50.

The Community pays 50% of the program cost. You can co-invest the other 50%.

$25 secures a family's food for life
$7,500 secures an entire village


Feed Back is sustainable

With pandemic lockdowns, fisherfolk in

Sto. Niño couldn't fish.

Families experienced hunger.

Village Kapitan Erning

wanted to solve that and get families new income. He rallied his community to do Feed Back.

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