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Be a Future Maker
Transform a Million Lives 


Hunger is a big & chronic problem

2 billion people around the world go hungry each year — many for an entire season.​ 

The most food insecure are small farmers & fisherfolk

the bedrock of food supply across the developing world.

The pandemic made this crisis urgent

In the Philippines, 59 million Filipinos were food insecure before the pandemic.

During the pandemic, families went days without food and rotated among themselves who was going to eat and who was going to skip.

The consequences are irreversible

Hunger when experienced under the age of 5 makes kids stunted and challenged in school. It makes them vulnerable to chronic diseases when they grow up. It limits dreams and the possibilities for change for a whole generation.

​1 The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020 Report of FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO

2 Integrated Food Security Phase Classification. Report - Philippines: Chronic Food Insecurity Situation 2015-2020
3 The State of Food  Security and Nutrition in the World 2020 Report of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization


With Feed Back, families solve hunger in 5 weeks

Source food in their backyards

Generate excess food to supply their village

Have new, sustainable income

Are happy and invest in each other


We are securing 11,150 families and transforming 46,661 lives.

Since June 2020, Feed Back is in





graduated communities



Rural partners secured 82% of at risk families and exchanged 416 tons (377,270  kilos) of vegetables,

worth $203k once a week in just 8-12 weeks. This is already 1.3x return what the communities’ invest.

In those 8 weeks, families bring home 5.8 kilos of food, over 20 kinds of vegetable. This along with the food secured directly from their backyards creates a total meal value of $1,387,008*, or a 5x total return* for ARK and our community partners.

As of Mar 1, 2023 (3:15pm PHT)

*to be updated

Graduated communities continue to be food secure and grow their ventures

Story from Traciano

One year after graduating from Feed Back, 94% of participants still harvest from their backyards. Not only have they NOT gone hungry for a second year in a row, nearly two-thirds now get 25% of their annual income from their vegetable ventures.


You Can Transform a Million Lives

In the next 3 years, ARK dreams to:


Share Feed Back

throughout the Philippines, partnering with 150 communities who will inspire others to be food secure and self sustaining.


Create a Toolkit

allowing any community worldwide to use Feed Back on its own.


Upskill Feed Back Graduates

and connect them to markets so they can grow ventures on their own or with ARK.


Track Long-Term Impact

of the program and its net positive contribution to society and the environment.

You Can Invest Now &
Change the Future 

Game changer


Solve for food security for an entire municipality

1,750 families 
8,750 lives
Municipality Level
5 Communities

Future Maker


Bring food security & new industry to an entire province

4,200 families
21,000 lives 
Provincial Level
12 communities 



Scale the solution throughout the Philippines and beyond 

Commercialize Playbook 

Create food ventures where farmers/fisherfolk are stakeholders

Set longitudinal study & lead sustainable development

Global Partners

Philippine Partners

Fraternal Order

of Eagles


Aurelio B. Montinola, Sr. Foundation

With ARK, you will lead at the edge of social impact...



Morgan Stanley_edited_edited.png

Year 2 Cohort

Facebook Community Accelerator Program

Year 11 Cohort

Strategy Challenge

1st place

Solutions Search


Equator Prize

...and you will change the world

Feed Back is one of only 2 food security programs endorsed by the government and private sector

The only one that is sustainable!

In addition to our experienced and committed board of directors, you will be among the largest and most influential corporations and foundation partners globally and in the Philippines.

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