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Be a Star at Stardust

Be a Star at Stardust


Bid and secure a NEIGHBORHOOD (40 families)


Exclusive access Night Out for a barkada of 6 at the sensational Stardust Music Lounge, Makati's hottest new music destination on Jupiter St. with legend Louie Ysmael and ARK’s very own DJ Stargazer (aka Michael Chung), who co-founded the club with his fellow DJ’s:

  • A Night Out for 6

  • Transcendent Music

  • Unlimited Drinks

  • Delicious Pika Pika


Party the night away with electrifying music, free-flowing drinks, and scrumptious bites, all under the glittering Stardust.


Bid now and treat yourself to these once-in-a-lifetime experiences while solving hunger for good with ARK’s partner communities.


Please book your VIP experience with 2 weeks advance notice.

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