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"Magician" by Kristen Schiele

"Magician" by Kristen Schiele


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Kristen Schiele creates immersive, semi-abstract art inspired by stage sets, cinema, allegory, and theatrical storytelling. With a BA in Visual Arts from Indiana University and an MFA from the American University in Washington DC, her works are held in collections like the Whitney Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Schiele has been part of numerous prestigious residencies and exhibited at venues including the Torrence Art Museum, Corcoran Museum of Art, and PS1 MoMA. Reviewed by notable publications, she resides and works in Brooklyn and New Paltz, NY.


MAGICIAN (2022), 36" x 30" acrylic/oil on panel

The painting “Magician” was part of the Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz exhibition “Who Really Cares” curated by Helen Toomer in 2022. Schiele paints portraits and theatrical sets of characters in command of their own adventures. Sourced from Dresden porcelains, early European paintings and live figure drawing sessions, the artist takes problematic scenes and figurative expectations, and gives them center stage with attributes of power and action. This Clown “Magician” has a sharp edged mask of a classic clown, with a moving hand to create magic for change, hope or whatever is needed.


Market Value $5800


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