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Joya Studios Âmes Sœurs "Ghost" Three-Wick XL Candle

Joya Studios Âmes Sœurs "Ghost" Three-Wick XL Candle


Bid and secure 15 families


Experience Revenant adored: Joya's iconic scent

Discover the iconic scent of Âmes Sœurs in the XL "Ghost" edition by Joya Studios.  Oversized yet nuanced, it's an aromatic immersion meant to fill your space. With mid-intensity waft, the scent remains the same: a bittersweet blend of grapefruit and smoky, animalic orange blossom.


In limited supply, the grey porcelain container is a revival from the archives, subtly nodding to its evanescence. Each vessel is elegantly wrapped in hand-marbled jute fiber paper.


International shipping available where noted, shipping fees apply.

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