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ARK Feed Back participant planting in her backyard

Solve Hunger in
Just 5 Weeks!

ARK co-invests alongside farmers and fisherfolk in the developing world who want to secure their food, health, income, and a sustainable future.

Those Who Feed Us
Are Struggling to
Feed Their Kids

Farmers and fisherfolk are stuck in a bind. Decades of chemical farming have made farmers dependent on pesticides that poison the soil and limit them to just one crop. They and fisherfolk only have one source of income.


Moreover, no matter how hard they work, market dynamics are against them. In every village, there is only one buyer of the crop and the buyer sets the price. Aside from this buyer, there is no other market in the village. No one else is investing in them.

Rural kid running beside rice field
Smiling ARK Feed Back participant carrying a basket of vegetables

Our Solution,
Feed Back:
A Community-wide Vegetable Exchange

Feed Back is a 16-week program that partner communities invest in and lead.

The program invites families to farm in their backyards and contribute 3 of their favorite vegetables in exchange for their fair share of over 20 vegetables contributed by their neighbors.


With every $1 worth of vegetable contributed, families get a raffle ticket and a chance to win a prize.


Bountiful Backyards

Families source food from their backyards. Farmers have more than one crop. Fisherfolk can now farm.

The Impact: Families Solve Hunger in 5 Weeks


New Income

All families harvest excess produce that they sell to each other and supply to nearby villages and towns.


A Community United

Because the community leads and operates the program on its own, it feels proud, happy, and united.



After Feed Back, families continue to plant in their backyards. Many start their own ventures. Communities no longer need to import food from afar.

Melody, a Feed Back program graduate

Melody of Bogtong lost her job when the pandemic started.

She was scared. She didn't know how to provide for her 2 kids and her mom.

When she heard about Feed Back, she quickly joined. She got seeds from her grandma and asked a neighbor to teach her how to farm in her backyard.

Co-Invest and Secure
A Family for Life

With ARK, you will be catalytic and not colonistic. 

We believe that those who are living with the problem have the best solution. 

Village and municipal government pays 50% of program cost to operate Feed Back. Through ARK, you can believe in them and catalyze their dream by covering the other 50%.

$25 secures a family for life  |  $7,500 secures an entire village 

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