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the community can implement it on their own

fund it on their own

there is a clear + immediate exit for ARK

ARK Exit: 3 years

The cost of the ARK Lunch at P2.50 (or 5 cent USD) is set by the parents based on what they can afford to give as an allowance everyday to their kids. ARK’s 50/50 partnership on the ARK Lunch is to catalyze the path so that those who cannot afford to give their kids P2.50 every day can be prioritized as suppliers to the program and can afford to pay the full cost in just 3 years. As such, in year one, ARK pays 80% of the P2.50 lunch while parents pay 20%. In year two, ARK and parents pay 50/50. In year three, ARK pays 20%, while parents pay 80%. In year four, parents pay 100% of the ARK Lunch all on their own.


The ARK Lunch is the first and only self sustaining lunch in the world.

ARK Exit: 16 weeks

In Feed Back, after a 16 week engagement, 92% of at risk families became food secure, communities are sourcing all their food needs from within the village, and excess is sold and distributed to neighboring villages and towns. When we checked back on communities that graduated from the program, they reported that all the graduated families/participants continue to plant, be healthy, exchange, grow their business and want to do more.


After two pilot programs (Waves 1 and 2) we were able to create a low cost version that brought down cost by a 1/10th if the community were to do it on their own. These levels are now within the budget a barangay can secure from central government.

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