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"Subtle Faults" by Sara Jimenez

"Subtle Faults" by Sara Jimenez


Secure now before this beautiful piece goes to auction and support a NEIGHBORHOOD (80 families) 



Sara Jimenez, a Filipino-Canadian artist, explores the materialization of transcultural memories, weaving narratives of origins, home, and loss. Her multidisciplinary work challenges established concepts of place, lineage, and time, drawing from family stories, marginalized histories, and colonial sources. She has exhibited her work at prominent venues and received several awards and grants, including the Cecily Brown Fellowship. Jimenez's art is part of the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice's permanent collection.


SUBTLE FAULTS (2016), 25" x 19" collaged digital C-prints

This artwork is made from cut and collaged imagery taken out of the American colonial book "Our Islands and Their People" (1899). Jimenez is interested in disrupting and shifting colonial narratives by cutting and rearranging anthropological photography. She is interested in creating new landscapes and bodies and defy categorization and known boundaries.

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