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Drops of God experience in Champagne with Jhonel Faelnar

Drops of God experience in Champagne with Jhonel Faelnar



Value: priceless

Bid and secure an ENTIRE VILLAGE (300 families)

Only 6 spots. Min bid $4,000/slot.


3 nights in the heart of France’s unparalleled Champagne region, 1 night in Paris, the City of Lights 


Indulge in a true insiders’ experience through the lens of Wine Enthusiast’s Best Sommelier of the Year 2023, Jhonel Faelnar (Chief Sommelier, Atomix Group). Jhonel's unique perspective and passion for making wine relatable will redefine your understanding of the world of wine and gastronomy.


Discover the Heart of Champagne: Uncover the secrets of the world's only Champagne region through the prestigious house of Champagne Bollinger, along with intimate family-owned wineries. Elevate your palate with gourmet pairings, descend into the historic cellars to witness the alchemy of aging, engage in intimate conversations with winemakers and enjoy an opportunity to become a part of a storied tradition that has captured hearts and palates for generations. 


Nuanced Wine Pairings: Experience skillful wine pairings, revealing the subtle flavors often overlooked in wine, and offering a fresh perspective on pairing wine with diverse dishes. 


Culinary Delights: Savor the flavors of Champagne restaurants and delve into the art of gastronomy with hand-picked bistros. 


A Taste of Paris: Follow Jhonel’s lead and experience the quintessential Parisian lifestyle. Deepen your wine knowledge at some of Paris's most intriguing restaurants and wine bars.


Meet the Makers: Encounter vintners deeply rooted in Champagne and artisans in Paris who craft culinary treasures. These meaningful interactions will give you a profound appreciation for the artistry behind the products you enjoy.


The Best of Both Worlds: This unforgettable journey merges the world of Champagne and the charm of Paris, offering an unparalleled culinary and cultural experience that will leave a lasting impression.


Travel dates are from July 1 to July 4.
July 1 - welcome dinner in Champagne 
July 2 and 3 - day time wine visits (2 each day) 
July 4 - travel to Paris, thank you dinner in Paris


This is not just a trip; it's a sensorial adventure waiting to be savored. 

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